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Maximize Your Career Potential

With C3 Career Consulting, LLC

C3 Career Consulting, LLC
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Igniting Careers.
Sparking Success.

Are you ready to take action in maximizing your career potential, developing manager capabilities, or enhancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies? Our CEO and HR Expert, Christina Mingo, has over 12 years of HR experience and wants to help you transition into an enjoyable career that maximizes your income, while also transforming business practices within your organization. 


Christina has coached over 1,500 professionals worldwide, won numerous awards for career development within the community, and has maintained a 5-star client satisfaction rating for 6 consecutive years! Her services have helped clients achieve promotions, break into new career fields, transition into new industries, and achieve up to $50K salary increases in just one negotiation! Christina has also supported companies in enhancing leadership effectiveness, while creating diverse and inclusive workplace environments.


It’s time to take control of your career and improve people practices within your organization! Click the link above to schedule a consultation, purchase a career planner, or book Christina to speak at your next company training / workshop!

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Enhancing Careers, Transforming Lives:
The C3 Approach

About C3®

C3 Career Consulting, LLC is a virtual consulting agency designed to assist clients from all over the world with resumes, cover letters, personal statements, interview preparation, mock interviews, LinkedIn optimization, negotiation strategies, career coaching, and workshop facilitation. C3® is also a Certified Black Woman-Owned Business within the Supplier Diversity Program and Certified City-Based Business with the Small & Minority Business Enterprise.

Our Mission

C3’s mission is to close the racial, gender, and pay equity gap by providing underrepresented professionals with the tools and resources needed to transition into enjoyable careers that maximize their income.

Our Values

Below are our values that serve as guiding principles to achieve our mission (The 3 C’s):

  1. Clarity - Create clarity on client career goals and the specific steps needed to achieve them by sharing best practices on career readiness and development.

  2. Confidence - Increase confidence in skills, abilities, and unique strengths that will help clients stand out in the workplace and experience success in the job market. 

  3. Courage - Develop the courage needed for clients to take calculated risks and seize opportunities that will ultimately maximize their career potential.

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Client Testimonials

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Career Planning Made Easy with C3 Planners


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