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Cover Letter / Personal Statement Creation

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Take your cover letter or personal statement to the next level with the help of C3! In today's competitive job and academic landscape, standard cover letters and personal statements often fall short, lacking depth, specificity, and the ability to capture the attention of employers and university admissions officers. Our C3 documents span an entire page, allowing ample space to convey key information derived from your resume while tailoring it precisely to your desired job or academic program. Through this tailored approach, employers and admissions counselors gain a comprehensive understanding of your background, recognizing the transferable skills you possess and compelling reasons why you are undoubtedly the best candidate.

  • Cover Letter / Personal Statement: $197

  • Cover Letter / Personal Statement Addition (*Past C3 Cover Letter Only*) - If you have received Cover Letter or Personal Statement services from C3 in the past and need to make updates, we are here to help! Discounted prices for past C3 clients are valid within 2 years (24 months) of your last revision. Cover Letter / Personal Statement Addition Service: $100

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