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CLIENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Please be aware that when engaging in career consulting services with Christina Edwards, she operates independently and is not affiliated with her full-time place of work. Therefore, she is unable to assist clients in securing positions within her current organization, nor will she provide services to individuals currently employed there. This is information can also be found in the acknowledgment statement that all clients must sign prior to working with C3.

EMPLOYMENT OUTCOMES: There are many factors that play into the success of a client’s career. This includes but is not limited to location, industry, field, education, experience, the availability of openings, as well as the types of roles the client applies for and aggressiveness of the job search. Therefore, C3 does not guarantee employment outcomes for customers. Instead, C3 offers comprehensive services and resources aimed maximizing advancement throughout a client’s career journey.


LATE APPOINTMENTS: All clients who arrive more than 10 minutes late to their scheduled consultation will need to reschedule as their appointment will be canceled.

TURNAROUND TIMES: The standard turnaround time for all services is 7 business days (Monday - Friday), not including United States federal holidays. Please note that all documents are sent late in the evening.


LATE PAYMENTS: Clients will have 7 days from the date of their consultation to pay their invoice in order to receive the 7 day turnaround time benefit. If the client’s invoice is on a payment plan or paid after the 7 day limit, they will receive the document within 10 business days. Please note if there are prior schedule commitments from C3 that conflict with the 10 business day turnaround time, the team will be sure to communicate the next available completion date following receipt of payment.

EDITING WINDOW: Please ensure that all editing requests are made within 7 days of receiving the initial draft. This timeframe allows C3 to deliver timely and effective assistance. C3 Career Consulting, LLC is committed to fulfilling each customer’s request until they are fully satisfied with the final product within the designated 7-day window.

REFUND POLICY: Due to the quality and labor-intensive nature of the work, refunds are not permitted for any C3 product or service.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


C3 Career Consulting, LLC is fully committed to safeguarding your personal information, as demonstrated by our Privacy Policy. We assure you that any information you provide will remain strictly confidential and will never be shared with individuals or third-party providers. Your privacy is important to us, and we handle all client data with the utmost care, using it solely to deliver exceptional career consulting services of the highest quality.

Please be aware that while C3 takes reasonable precautions to protect confidential information, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of information transmitted over the Internet as it can be subject to delay, interruption, interception, or error. To ensure your information remains secure at all times, we highly recommend utilizing encryption technologies for any website you visit.

This Privacy Policy has been in effect since November 18, 2019. C3 reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, with any changes becoming effective on the day they are posted.

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