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No matter if you are preparing a resume, cover letter, personal statement, college essay, or application questions, we can all use a second set of eyes to ensure the document is flawless before submission. That is where C3 can help! In this review, C3 will indicate areas of your document that may have grammatical errors, misspelled words, or excessive use of filler words. We will provide tailored recommendations to make your document truly stand out, empowering you to effectuate precise edits that enhance its impact before finalizing your submission. Embrace peace of mind as you submit your next professional document by choosing C3 to ensure that your work radiates professionalism, clarity, and impact. With C3's expertise, you can confidently put forth documents that captivate and leave a lasting impression.

  • Document Review Service (3 pages max): $150

  • Additional Page Review (Over 3 pages): $50 per additional page

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