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Changing career fields or trying to move up in the company can be extremely stressful. It can often times feel like you’ve done everything to succeed, but nothing seems to work. Private Career Coaching with Christina offers you the opportunity to ask questions and gain insightful professional development strategies from an HR professional.

Clients who invest in ongoing career coaching walk away with:

  1. Clarity: Gain a clearer understanding of your career goals, aspirations, and potential paths

  2. Guidance: Receive expert HR guidance and support in navigating career decisions, transitions, and skill building

  3. Strategy: Develop a customized career roadmap and strategic plan to achieve your goals

  4. Accountability: Stay accountable to your career goals and receive encouragement throughout the process

  5. Confidence: Build confidence and self-assurance in your abilities and career choices

  6. Work-Life Balance: Learn techniques for achieving work-life balance and managing career-related stress

  7. Personal Growth: Experience personal growth and self-discovery through self-reflection and introspection


At the end of each C3 Career Coaching session, you will also receive a follow up email to reiterate the essential homework assignments and action points discussed during the call. Book your session today and embark on a transformative journey toward professional success.


(Career Coaching: $397 / 60 minutes)

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